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Floatex Products

Navigational Aids


FLOATEX is the ultimate generation of navigational aids. Developed essentially to minimise costly routine maintenance programs typical of steel buoys, and with environment-friendly materials to avoid ecological negative ambient impact of waste materials caused by steel buoy regeneration (such as old paint, zinc coating and sandblasting).



All FLOATEX pick-up, supporting and mooring buoys have been designed to withstand the severe operating conditions associated with offshore operations.



Bead or ring floats and integral floating for oil suction and discharge hoses are since long time in the production program of FLOATEX.


Oil Boom

The FLOATEX anti-pollution barriers of the PBAV serie are designed for temporary open-sea installation in long continuous lines. The barrier is constructed with a PVC covered material with high resistance to tearing, marine agents, ultraviolet light and a large range of pollutants. Flotation is provided by specially designed elements of closed cell expanded Polyurethane.